In order to obtain your Texas Real Estate Sales Agent license, you must meet TREC's qualifications and complete required education courses mandated by the Texas Real Estate Commission.  Please access the TREC website for detailed information and to verify the requirements needed.


SalesAgent License: License applicants are required to complete 180 hours of specified education to qualify to take the Texas Real Estate Salesperson Exam.  These 180 hours must include 60 hours in Real Estate Principles, 30 hours in Law of Agency, 30 hours in Law of Contracts, 30 hours in Promulgated Contracts and 30 hours in R.E. Finance.  The learner may complete the required courses by classroom, home study or online study options. 


Broker’s License: To be licensed as a Broker you must: 1) Hold an active sales agent license for at least 4 years in the State of Texas or have a current Broker’s license from another state, (please refer to TREC rules for additional information about out of state brokers)  2) Meet the educational requirements mandated by the Texas Real Estate Commission for Brokers, which is 900 classroom hours, 270 of which must be qualifying course hours (including the Real Estate Brokerage class and  3) meet the experience point requirements.


Steps to obtain a Texas Real Estate Sales Agent License:

  1. The mandatory classes include Real Estate Principles 60 classroom hours, Law of Agency 30 classroom hours, Law of Contracts 30 classroom hours, 30 Promulgated Contracts and 30 R.E. Finance.  All educational documents and the Inactive Salesperson License and appropriate fees must be sent to the Texas Real Estate Commission. You may apply online for faster processing (512) 936-3000), or mailed to your application to the Texas Real Estate Commission


  2. The application requires fingerprinting to be done at a designated site and electronically submitted. Applicant must be 18 years of age, and a U.S. citizen or legally admitted alien, and must meet TREC’s qualifications for honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity. If you have any criminal offenses consider requesting a Fitness Determination (FD) prior to filing your application. The FD Form can be found at the


  3. You will schedule your license examination with the Pearson VUE testing program after you receive your letter of eligibility to take the exam with instruction on how to access the Candidate Handbook.Applicants have 1 year from the date the application is filed to pass the examination. If an applicant doesn’t successfully pass state and national exam after 3 tries,  they will be required to complete additional education.


  4. Once the exam is passed, the results are sent electronically to TREC and an active, or inactive license will be sent directly to the salesperson, with a copy to the sponsoring broker. In order to practice as a salesperson with an active license, you must be sponsored by a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker. Please note that applicants are not required to have a sponsoring broker to file an application with TREC, or to schedule the exam with Pearson VUE.








Principles of Real Estate I                   121

Topics Include:

Introduction to Real Estate practices in Texas, Real Property, The Real Estate Market, Fair Housing (3 hours) Brokerage, The License Act, Contracts, and Appraisal are included in this course.

Credit  30 hours                      Tuition $183.50                     Required text $42.95 plus tax


Principles of Real Estate II                 122

Topics Include:

Real Estate Financing; Principles, and Practices, Transfer of title and title records, math, closing, property management.  Control of land and Real Estate Investments are covered in this course.

Credit 30 hours                     Tuition $183.50                     Required text $42.95 plus tax



Law of Agency                                    1151

Topics Include:

Types of agency. Application of License Act, Fiduciary responsibilities, creation of agency, responsibilities of agency and principle, intermediary, dual agency, review of finance, TREC promulgated forms and notices.

Credit  30 hours                      Tuition $183.50                       Required text $42.95 plus tax



Law of Contracts   1251

Topics Include:

Elements of a contract, offer and acceptance, the stature of frauds, specific performance and remedies for breach, unauthorized practice of law, commission rules relating to use of adopted forms, and owner disclosure requirements.

Credit  30 hours                      Tuition $183.50                       Required text $42.95 plus tax



Promulgated Contracts                    351

Explain and comply with the provisions of the Statue of Frauds, the Texas Real Estate License Act, and the Rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission as they relate to the creation of purchase contracts between sellers and buyers.

Credit  30 hours                      Tuition $183.50                       Required text $42.95 plus tax



R.E. Finance      451

Topics Include:

The loan application process, Loan underwriting standards, Conventional loans, FHA &VA loans, Sellers financing, Fair lending and Predatory lending.

Credit  30 hours                      Tuition $183.50                       Required text $42.95 plus tax